2011, Resolutions, and Craft Beer.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone was able to kick back and enjoy the beginning of 2011 with some delicious craft beer.

A few weeks ago in my post An Amateur Beer Enthusiast is Back, I mentioned some of the monumental progress that the craft beer industry made in 2010. While it is important to reflect on past successes, 2010 has come and gone and now it is time to move forward into 2011.

So craft beer fans….where do we start?

Photo Credit: Craftbeer.com

Leading up to 2011 Craftbeer.com released and article by Brewer’s Association Web Editor Meghan Storey titled Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Beer Lovers. Now I know that New Year’s Resolution articles seem so tired and true, but Storey’s list is both practical and fun. The following are Storey’s 2011 Craft Beer Resolutions:

10. Introduce someone to craft beer.

9. Try at least one new beer a month.

8. Participate in an American Craft Beer Week event. (May 16 – 22, 2011)

7. Host or attend a beer tasting.

6. Cook with craft beer!  Craftbeer.com has several resources and recipes for cooking with craft beer.

5. Give craft beer or brewery gear as a present. Most brewery websites have fun gifts for you to purchase.

4. Learn more about your favorite beverage; read a book on beer or brewing. I have been told that Charlie Papazian’s The Joy of Homebrewing is a great book to start building a knowledge base with.

3. Experience a beer festival. Whether it is a week long event like NY Craft Beer Week or a simple weekend celebration, beer festivals are a great way to meet the people who work passionately to provide drinkers with the best beer.

2. Plan a side-trip to a brewery on your next vacation.

1. Bring craft beer to a housewarming or dinner party.

I have decided that for 2011 I am going to follow through on these resolutions and share them with my readers on An Amateur Beer Enthusiast. I encourage you to implement these 2011 Craft Beer Resolutions as well. They all are very easy to complete and will continue to move the craft beer industry forward in 2011.

  1. James, about two weeks ago my roommate came to Colorado Springs and we went on an epic beer-venture. We went to Boulder, CO and hit up a bunch of breweries…in one day. My friend sampled 40 beers that day. We bought 3 different six packs, a 2L growler, and two quarts of beer. I need to write about it sometime. And we also went to the Coors Brewing Plant…and sampled some Coors at 10:30AM. Freshest Coors I’ve ever had.

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