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Founder James Jennings

James Jennings founded Amateur Beer Enthusiasts in February of 2010. Intialy known as An Amateur Beer Enthusiast, James began this page for a class assignment in February 2010 while attending Grove City College (Grove City, PA). The blog began as a humorous way to waste time (Who wouldn’t want to write a beer blog for a class while in college?), but eventually Amateur Beer Enthusiasts became something more to this creator. As James continue to explore the world of beer, he learned that there was more to beer than the mass market pilsners that flood the market. Beer began to become complex to James. As James drank more and explored an array of beers his world drastically changed.

After he graduated college in May 2010 James felt  the pains of being an unemployed college graduate. He continued to write, however, and eventually decided that working with beer professionally was his calling. So like any young beer enthusiast who wanted to make his hobby his career, James applied with breweries and distributors across the country. His search landed him working sales for the top craft beer distributor in the New York City market.

James is now a Certified Beer Server under the Cicerone Program and continues to expand his beer and brewing knowledge each day. His passion for craft beer is reflected in this blog as James will continue to share his love with both experts and newcomers alike.

The Jesse Jennings loves his Fantasia Mickey Mouse glassware.

The Jesse Jennings

        The Jesse Jennings began to develop a passion for craft beer shortly after his older brother, James, for the both have shared various hobbies for ages. Jesse realized that beer remains a unique field of aesthetics, synthesizing the arts and sciences simultaneously. Not only is beer an interesting medium for interdisciplinary study for Jesse, but he also remains fascinated by the implications the beer industry has on society in terms of our perception on the world. Jesse has a strong background in philsophy and literature, and constantly uses his core knowledge in the two fields when evaluating the nature of the beer industry. Jesse is currently working on a philosophical analysis on the beer industry, using post-structuralist theories to deconstruct how the industry affects archetype, and falsely perpetuates myths about brews. Have you ever noticed a company advertise beer as ice cold? Jesse eventually hops to spend some time bartending at various brew pubs after receiving Cicerone’s beer serving certification, and ultimately wants to use his knowledge of beer to captivate young minds into realizing that there is more to beer than people realize.

    • Rob Rugs
    • February 19th, 2011

    Sorry to hear about the move… NYC is devoid of great brew pubs compared to Cleveland! (Rocky River, Brew Kettel, GLBC’s Brew Pub, etc.) Here we have MC Brewpub (Heartland)(Farmer John’s Oatmeal Stout is good…). You mention GLBC’s Winter Ale with reverence. What about the Edmund Fitzgerald?? It is the WORLD’S most award wining Porter! I Love GLBC’s Erie Lake Monster- which when I was there was only a brew pub exclusive- now available in 4-packs.

    NOT AVAILABLE HERE IN NYC!!! Too large of a cookie to crack. Do you go o NYC, or expand into 3-4 states. That is the brewer’s conundrum. A marketing call, with a little opportunity cost and production possibility constraints thrown in too. I was hoping that they would reach NYC by now, with the doubling of the brewery size a few years ago.

    No such luck. Albany’s as far as they have gotten. I miss Thirsty Dog’s Old Leghumper Porter too…

    Hope ya aint stuck at a water peddler (large brewer’s distibutor).

    I was in Cleveland for a year and miss it so… Was gonna join SNOB, went to a meeting. I am a Beer School Graduate- Magna Cum Lager at GLBC. They have an advanced class now- I’m goin to Cleveland some time soon!! (been outta work for 2 years after grad school..)

    The good news- there’s no good brew pubs in NYC but:

    We have two great fetivals- Brewtopia and The NYC Brew Fest on Governor’s Island. I’ll give you a tip- VOLUNTEER for both! It is free vs. paying $75+ dollars. BT is cut and dry, and the GI event gives you food on break (both give you an hour or so break to imbibeat different booths…). (not to mention drinking all ya want when you pour (get there early and get a good booth, like Stone, Flying Dog, etc.) AND talk to all the beer enthusiasts that go to your booth)

    We have lots of good daytrip options- gonna do Dogfish Head myself soon (just up in Rhode Island…). ALSO: DC is a short Acella Train ride to Savor- Google it! It’s on it’s third year coming up. (Hint national brew fest in DC, but upscale with awesome events and great chefs tat come to do pairings with the beer sampling)

    That gives me an idea.

    Give me an email if you wanna try starting something beer centric in the near future…. (why not profit from a hobby??)

    I always see things like this in NYC

    Sorry- It’s SOLD OUT- 11 bars, 11 craft beers to sample, WITH 11 appetizers- for $25 BUCKS!!

    Have fun while ur in NYC!


    I wanna grow up and be a beer sommilier!!

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