Beer Philosophy

Beer is a special thing. Each beer is rooted in something that goes beyond the person drinking it. It begins with an idea. Someone comes up with a beer that should exist and then pours their heart and soul into that creation.

Then the creative process begins. The ingredients are chosen. The decision on how the beer will be brewed is made. Even something that seems as simple as the beer’s name takes time and deliberation.

So if this much work goes into making a beer, why would you dismiss a beer before drinking it or understanding why it was made.

When drinking a beer, a person should never come in with a predisposed judgement. Just because a Bud Light is a Bud Light does not mean it has nothing to offer.

Not all beer drinkers are the same. Some are intense and enthusiastic. Others are casual and do not really give much thought to the beer they drink.

Some want a hearty beers. Others just want a simple light beer that they can enjoy. No matter what the case, I write too all beer drinkers. Beer is a community. It is meant to be enjoyed with friends and on celebratory occasions. A beer can even be the perfect remedy to help you relax after a long day.

So no matter what you are drinking take pride in your beer. The people who created the beer have shared a bit of their heart and soul with you. Respect that and enjoy being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Drink up my friends. Whether you believe it or not, there is a beer just for you.

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