Friend’s Blogs

The blogosphere is a community and should be treated as such. That is why I am including a page dedicated to my fellow blog writers. While these blogs deal with topics other than beer they are all worth reading. What makes each of these blogs special is each writer’s different style. Each of these blogs brings something unique to the forefront that is worth reading.

So enjoy. I am sure you will be pleased.

Rainer’s Blog: This blog deals with a variety of issues. Whether it is something newsworthy or something just plain funny, Rainer’s blog is a great page that takes a critical look at the world around us.

Jonathan Lim- The Daily Musings of a Digital Citizen: Jonathan Lim is a blogger who typically writes about the events of his life. While many bloggers do this, Jonathan’s page is more of a slice of life blog that can help to broaden a reader’s horizon.

iPhone App Champ- Everything About My iPhone: This is Jonathan Lim’s newer blog. It  focuses on different iPhone apps and their different uses. If you own an iPhone I encourage you to check it out. Maybe you will learn about a new app that could be useful. 

Thanasis Tsiris: Thanasis is another fellow writer whose strengths lie in video and audio production. I had the pleasure of working with Thanasis (as well as Rainer, Jonathan, and Brian Schultz) on a short film earlier this year title Patient Zero. He served as the film’s director and did a fantastic job putting this project together.

Brian James Schultz: Brian’s blog mostly focuses on music and audio production. Brian is a member of the band Recession out of Pittsburgh. He is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to audio production.

Kyle Helfrich- A Pittsburgh Boy Blending the World He Loves: Kyle’s blogs as a men’s lifestyle focus to it. This blog is well written and it reminds me of an Ask Men or Men’s Health type of site.

Never A Hockey Player’s Blog: This blog from fellow fraternity brother and college football teammate Jarred Frawley is much in its infancy. This blog is going to focus on hockey culture with mostly a NHL focus. If you are even a slight fan of hockey, or are looking for a resource to get acclimated with the sport than please read Jarred’s blog. I am sure you will learn a great deal.

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