Yuengling- America’s Oldest Brewery

Photo Credits:  transienttravels.com/2009/11/09/what-phillys-got/

One of the best things about being in Pennsylvania is enjoying the fine taste of Yuengling Traditional Lager. Founded in 1829, Yuengling remians to be the oldest brewery found in America today. Still residing in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Yuengling’s flagship brand, Yuengling Traditional Lager, is a beer known for its rich amber color and medium-bodied falvor.

Although I have heard some people criticize Yuengling Traditional Lager for having a woody taste to it. I firmly disagree. Yuengling is a fantastic beer with a smooth taste. It is also the type of beer that can be enjoyed by a wide range of beer drinkers. Yuengling is not the heaviest beer in the world, but it has enough flavor for those who are looking for a rich lager. And Yeungling is also friendly to light beer drinkers, as the taste does not overwhelm.

One of my favorite Yuengling deals in the Western Pennsylvania area is at the Jai-Alai located in Hermitage. The special is $1.25 Yuengling bottles with 40 cent wings each Wednesday. On the first Wednesday of each month, one is able to enjoy the Jai-Alai’s monthly Hermit Crab Races with their Yueng and wings.  Essentially….Hermit Crab races are unlike anything I have ever seen.

If you would like to venture out to the Jai-Alai to enjoy a delicious Yuengling each Wednesday, the bar is located at 1109 Mercer Ave, Hermitage, PA 16148.


Pabst Blue Ribbon- A Fiscally Responsible Beer Choice


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After watching Barrack Obama’s State of the Union I realized that it is going to be a bit before the economy takes an upturn. Call me cynical, but as a college  senior getting ready to search for his first job I figured I would start off this blog the right way.

 As a young man who would consider himself an amateur beer connoisseur (I think that is a contradiction) I would like to share with you a beer that is not only an inexpensive beer to purchase, but is also a beer that has great taste for roughly $16.00 a case. Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you have a Pabst Blue Ribbon:

Photo Credit: http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Politics/pages-2/Obamas-beer-choice-blasted-by-GOP-Scrape-TV-The-World-on-your-side.html

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a beer that I feel is truly underappreciated. People will associate PBR (as I affectionately refer to Pabst Blue Ribbon) as a so called “red neck beer”. I strongly disagree however.

In 2008, Charlie Papazian, president of the Brewer’s Association, wrote that PBR is “A contrasting counterpoint of sharp texture and flowing sweetness is evident at the first sip of this historic brew and is also evident when after consumption, one feels really drunk. A slowly increasing hoppiness adds to the interplay of ingredients, while the texture smooths out by mid-bottle. The clear, pale-gold body is light and fizzy. Medium-bodied Blue Ribbon finishes with a dusting of malts and hops. A satisfying American classic and a Gold Medal winner at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival.”

Papazian describes the taste of PBR with great eloquence. Although PBR is not the best beer ever, it provides a great taste at an excellent price. And in an economy where everyone is cutting back, can we really afford to be picky with our beer choices?

I don’t think so.