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Happy 251st. Guinness!

Well the title says it all. Guinness turns 251 today!

Photo Credit: Wayyang Times

251….well that make Yuengling look like an infant.

Although I primarily drink American craft beer, I have been known to have a Guinness every now and then. Guinness has actually made its way onto An Amateur Beer Enthusiast a couple of times.

My recent post “Drink Up! Beer is healthy for you” highlights the antioxidants in Guinness that can provide advantageous health benefits. Not only is this beer the premier Irish Stout, but it is healthy for you! That is a nice deal.

In commemoration of Guinness’s birth, it is necessary to take a moment and pay respect to Guinness father Arthur Guinness. If Arthur were still alive (God rest his soul) he would be 285 year old!

Photo Credit: Counter Intelligence

Wow. That is old. Almost as old as drinking a Guinness with Toucan Sam’s cousin.

So take a moment tonight and drink a Guinness in honor of Arthur Guinness and his creation. After all, it is a lovely day for a Guinness.

Best Beers of College #2 – Yuengling Traditional Lager

It is about time I put Yuengling Traditional Lager on the list. No one can go to college in Pennsylvania and not have tried Yuengling at least once.

Photo Credit: Transient Travels

This is a pretty smooth lager that has a woody hop finish. This beer uses roasted caramel malt and both cluster and cascade hops to give it flavor. While the flavor is not anything too special, Yuengling was always a beer that had a balanced flavor and was reasonably priced.

The best thing about Yuengling was that is was available everywhere in Pennsylvania. It was nice for my friends and I to know that no matter what bar we went to we would be able to find at least one bar that we could rely on. Since I have relocated to Northeast Ohio it has been unfortunate that I can not even go to a bar to grab a Yuengling draft.

As I posted about Yuengling earlier this year, our favorite night to drink Yuengling was the first Wednesday of every month at the Jai-Alai in Hermitage, PA. On that night, not only were Yuengling bottles $1.75 (I think I put $1.25 in my older post. Sorry!), but the main event of the night was hermit crab races hosted by our friend DJ Deano.

Now for hermit crab races you do not have to pay a fee. All you do is show up and DJ Deano will provide you with one of his crabs (how dirty does that sound). Then he will give you a list of four simple rules to follow (save your crab!) and as long as you follow these, you will be in for a treat.

The best part is even if you lose, you can wash down your bitterness with an ice cold Yuengling.

In all seriousness though, Yuengling is a great beer built on tradition. It is America’s oldest brewery and continues to demonstrate the spirit of a family owned business to this day. So if you are ever in Pennsylvania stop at a bar and grab a Yuengling. I guarantee you will be pleased.

Photo Credit: Mredden

For more on Yuengling check out their homepage or my earlier post.