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Guinness Foregin Extra Stout Coming to America

It is really funny that I just wrote about Guinness on Friday.

An article from said the Guinness announced the U.S. launch of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout today. While many American consumers are familiar with Guinness Draught, most Americans have probably never tasted Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

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That is because this will be the first time Guinness Foreign Extra Stout will be available in the U.S. since prohibition.

The history behind Foreign Extra Stout is fairly interesting. Brewed at St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland in 1801, Foreign Extra Stout was Guinness’s flagship export beer. It was originally known as West India Porter.

Unlike Guinness Draught, Foreign Extra Stout is carbonated instead of nitrogenated. It is also brewed with a larger amount of hops. Along with a stronger hop flavor, the increased volume of hops in serves to preserve the beer that may have made long trip during exportation.

Foreign Extra Stout also spots a 7.5% Abv. This is considerably stronger than Guinness Draught’s 4.2% Abv. In short, Foreign Extra Stout seems like a stronger Guinness with a larger hop profile.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout will be available this October in 4-packs priced at $9.49.

Son of Brewzilla Homebrew Competition; A Cleveland Beer Week Event

For those who are unaware (or not from the Northeast Ohio region), the 2nd annual Cleveland Beer Week is taking place from October 15-23. While there are a ton of events to celebrate the region’s love for craft and import beer, there is one event that I think you should try to attend.

The Son of Brewzilla Hombrew Competition will be Cleveland Beer Week’s first ever hombrew competition!  It will also be one of the main events to help close out Cleveland Beer Week. After interacting with the members of SNOB, I guarantee that the feedback you receive from this competition will only make you a better homebrewer.

This homebrew competition is located at Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon in Cleveland and is sponsored by SNOB (The Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers). This event looks to be promising to homebrewers of all levels. Even if you have never homebrewed and are looking to start, Son of Brewzilla would be a perfect way to get some quality feedback from beer enthusiasts who are highly knowledgeable.

I have been looking to start homebrewing for quite some time now, and I think that this competition is going to be where I start. I know that most novice homebrewers will probably not receive any accolades for their beer, but Son of Brewzilla will be a great event for the novice homebrewer to learn more about brewing.

SNOB is also the perfect sponsor for this event. I have been attending meetings with SNOB since the beginning of August in order to improve my knowledge about beer and to receive some direction as to how I should begin homebrewing.

SNOB knows there stuff. Enter Son of Brewzilla for some quality feedback.

Entering the competition is pretty easy. All you need to do is submit 2 bottles of your homebrew by October 9th. The first entry is $7 and entries after that are only $5. Homebrews can be submitted in one of  23 categories as outlined by the Beer Judge Certification Program.

I encourage you to attend and enter this event. SNOB is really putting a great deal of effort into making this event a memorable part of Cleveland Beer Week. If you have even had the slightest inclination about possible homebrewing, then the Son of Brewzilla Homebrew Competition is the place you should start!